UPDATE 4/3/2014

A&F continues to work on completing all the steps to administer the Employee Satisfaction Survey.  A&F employees will receive an e-mail notification from SVP Angela Throneberry just prior to the announcement of the opening of the survey by the University of Texas at Austin Institute for Organizational Excellence.  Please contact Minerva Rivera at minriver@nmsu.edu or 646-2807 with any questions.  Thank you for your patience!

02/20/2014 – AF Division 2014 Employee Satisfaction Survey


During the month of March 2014, you will be asked to take part in an employee satisfaction survey for the Division of Administration & Finance.  The purpose of the survey is to obtain employee feedback to help us identify areas where we can make organizational changes focused on improving our working environment.  Specifically, the survey is an employee engagement tool which is:

  • used to measure employee perceptions of the total work environment and employees’ satisfaction
  • focuses on fully utilizing an organization’s human resources to build viable institutions
  • provides information about work force issues that impact the quality of service ultimately delivered to all customers
  • allows for better understanding of employee satisfaction which is vital to attracting and retaining a competitive workforce

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and asks for your insights into what our organization is doing well and where it needs to improve. Your input is very important to the success of our organization; the survey may be taken during work hours. The survey is anonymous; thoughtfulness and honesty will be critical in this process.  The survey will be available in both English and Spanish.

The University of Texas at Austin Institute for Organizational Excellence has been asked to serve as an outside, objective and secure source for compiling your perceptions and insights.  You will receive an announcement from the University of Texas at Austin in March when the online survey is open for your input.

I encourage each and everyone one of you to take the time to participate in this survey and let your voice be heard. Please feel free to contact me or Minerva Rivera at minriver@nmsu.edu, 646-2807, with your questions or comments.