AF Division Strategic Plan Update – 04.09.2013



I would like to take a moment to update you on the development process of the Administration and Finance Division’s strategic plan. First, thank you for your input and support thus far. The strategic plan Steering Group believes that the greatest strength of this process has been the diverse group of people working to create it. I deeply appreciate your participation in this initiative.


At this time, strategic plan workgroups have completed drafting suggested objectives, strategies, and metrics for the seven plan goals, and have passed their suggestions along to the Steering Group. The Steering Group is now working to merge that material into the objectives for the plan, communicating with the workgroups when questions or needs for clarification arise.


The strategic plan workgroups have formulated outstanding, original ideas, each of which is thoroughly reviewed by the Steering Group. While some suggestions may not fit into the overall Division plan, the Steering Group is confident that the spirit of the material is being reflected in the working draft. Further, all suggestions, in their original language, will be provided to Division units for consideration in unit-specific plans so nothing is overlooked or discounted.


The timeline for strategic plan completion has been extended due to the volume of suggestions generated by workgroups, their value to the plan, and the need for the Steering Group to consider each suggestion. The Steering Group will provide a working draft to all Division managers and directors for review as soon as possible. Shortly thereafter, a draft will be distributed to the entire Division for review and comments. The Steering Group feels this process will take a bit more time than originally planned, but will be worthwhile; a draft plan for review by university partners outside of the Division is now slated for July.


Again, thank you for the time you have devoted to the strategic plan. I am confident the final product will be well worth the effort.





Angela Throneberry

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance