AF Division Strategic Plan Update – 05.06.2013

Dear Directors and Managers:


As you know, great progress has been made in our Administration and Finance Division Strategic Plan process. Planning workgroups have completed their work in crafting objectives, strategies, and metrics for each of NMSU´s seven goals. The Strategic Plan Steering Group has reviewed the workgroups´ input and will soon be ready to share that material with you.


Between May 28th and June 6th, we will hold a series of meetings to allow you to review and provide recommendations on the outputs of the workgroups. Each meeting will focus on a single goal and its associated materials — a working document will be sent in advance for meeting preparation.


Each meeting will last two hours; two meetings will be held for each goal to accommodate as many schedules as possible. The Steering Group is currently working to set the times and locations for the meetings. A signup link for the meetings will be sent to you soon. While we hope to see you at the meetings, we also welcome feedback provided on the documents we distribute, should you be unable to attend. Written feedback can be submitted to


As always, I would like to thank you for your continued support of and participation in this important initiative.


Thank you.



Angela Throneberry

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance