Staff Invitation for Environmental Scan (Situational Analysis) – 09.27.2012



This is a follow up to the email I sent to you on September 14, requesting your participation
in the Administration and Finance Division strategic planning process.   A critical part of the
process is receiving input from our staff about the operations of the Administration and
Finance Division. As such, I am asking you to take part in an environmental scan of our
division.  The environmental scan is a method for obtaining information about events, trends,
and relationships in our division.


The scan is completely confidential in nature and will be conducted by CommTech
Transformations, a consulting firm based in Colorado.  The scan will begin with a series of
group interviews with our staff this Monday, October 1, 2012. To encourage openness and
participation, the interview groups will be made up of like-job level staff; directors will be
grouped with directors; managers with managers; and general staff with general staff. The
CommTech interviewers will not record your name or identify you in any way as the source
of comments made in the meetings. You can answer the interviewer’s questions openly and
honestly, knowing that your identity is protected.


Following the interviews, CommTech will produce a summary report that will address unit
findings.  The unit summary report will be shared with all staff within the unit and will
become part of the input used to develop our strategic plan.


A schedule of the interview meetings for your unit, along with a signup sheet, will be
available from your unit’s administrative assistant shown below. When you sign up, please
select a first and second preference for meeting times.

  • ICT – Christine Quintana at 646-2026
  • Auxiliary – Sheri Ikard at 646-4212
  • Facilities – Melissa Fernandez at 646-2101
  • Business Affairs – Fran Cordova at 646-7793

The interview meetings will be held during normal working hours.  You will not be required
to take annual leave to participate.


If you have any questions or comments, please call Minerva Rivera at: (575) 646-2807.


Thank you.



Angela Throneberry

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance