University Community Invitation for Environmental Scan (Situational Analysis) – 10.03.2012

Dear University Community Member,


I invite you to be part of the Administration and Finance Division Strategic Plan development effort. We are working to chart the AF Division’s course for the next five years and, ultimately, to determine how to best serve customers like you.   In order for us to create the most impactful objectives and strategies, we need the input of not only divisional staff, but of our customers as well.


A company that specializes in analyzing the effectiveness of organizations will conduct an interview to determine perceptions of the division’s strengths and weaknesses, how well it performs its business activities, and opportunities and threats to its success.  The session, limited to 12 participants, will take approximately one hour to complete.  To participate in this session, please contact Minerva Rivera at or 575-646-2807.


In addition to the division analysis, we will be seeking volunteers for members of the planning workgroups.  Five workgroups, whose input is critical to the success of the plan, will develop the groundwork for much of the division’s future operations. Beginning in late October or early November, you would be working with other customers and division staff for one to two hours a week for approximately nine weeks. If you would like to sign up, please contact Minerva Rivera at or 575-646-2807.


I hope that you will consider joining the AF Division staff in the development of our Strategic Plan. With your help, I know that we can develop a plan that will set the tone for our business and service activities for the upcoming years. The details of the planning process can be accessed at





Angela Throneberry

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance