AF Division Strategic Plan Update – 12.20.2012

AF Strategic Planning Process

Dear University Community Members,


As we move toward the end of the calendar year and our Winter Break, I wanted to take a moment to update you on the ongoing Administration and Finance Division’s Strategic Plan process. We are very pleased with the progress-to-date, and want to again thank the many members of the AF team who have participated in this vital work.


The Strategic Plan will provide a working map with clearly defined strategies that will improve AF as a division and enhance our ability to support and serve the larger university. To create the most impactful objectives and strategies, we have, and will continue to incorporate the input of not only AF staff, but of our partners on and off-campus. I would like to share with you where we stand in this work. Details on each of the elements that follow are available at the AF Division Strategic Plan website at


In October, Commtech Transformations, a consulting firm based in Colorado, conducted a week-long visit to NMSU. While at NMSU, Commtech conducted interviews with AF employees, as well as partners associated with the division and its composing units (Human Resource Services, Auxiliary Services, Facilities and Services, Controller/Budget, and Information and Communication Technologies).


The overarching goal of the interviews was to provide a “snapshot” of the current state of the organization: its strengths, areas which need improvement, and comments on operations. Each report generated contains an overview of the unit, a summary of information gathered from the unit’s employees, and results from the customer scan for the unit. An integrated report providing a holistic picture of the AF Division was created, as well. This information has been invaluable to us as we move ahead through the next steps of the planning process.


At this time, workgroups composed of employees from AF’s five units, as well as community members served by these units, are collaboratively crafting strategies based on NMSU’s seven Goals for Success and the principles outlined in Building the Vision. Working from initial objectives suggested by divisional leadership, workgroup members are creating specific strategies and metrics to achieve the Goals. This work will continue through early 2013, with an initial draft of results for review by the university community expected by mid-March.


Again, I would like to thank the many individuals who have, and continue to contribute to this process. I also look forward to working with additional partners and collaborators as we move to the review stage of the plan. I will continue to provide progress updates to the NMSU community as we work together for the best possible future for NMSU.





Angela Throneberry

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance