Strategic Plan Process

Information, Inclusivity

The Administration and Finance Division Strategic Plan will be the culmination of ten months of information-gathering and collaborative work. The general process, from which the plan will be developed, follows:


A Steering Group consisting of division and unit leaders began meeting in August 2012 to lay the framework for the plan and to formulate mission, vision, and value statements, as well as the division’s preliminary objectives developed to meet the university’s Seven Goals for Success.


The Steering Group has engaged Commtech Transformations, Inc. (CTTI), a management consulting firm, to provide the situational and SWOT analyses that will help identify the internal strengths and weaknesses of the division, as well as the opportunities and threats to its success. CTTI will visit the NMSU campus for eight days in October 2012 to meet with a range of NMSU community members and gather their input about the division.


When results of the Commtech visit are delivered, five workgroups (one for each unit within the AF Division) will begin meeting in November to develop objectives, strategies and metrics for each of the Goals for Success . The input from the workgroups will be compiled by the Steering Group and presented for review by inter-and-intra-departmental staff, campus administrative groups, and the university community at-large before submission to NMSU President and the Board of Regents. (See the Administration and Finance Division Strategic Plan Process diagram below.)