Administration and Finance Strategic Plan Timeline

Below is the tentative project timeline for the development of the Administration and Finance Strategic Plan. This timeline provides a broad overview of all the steps necessary to complete the plan, and is currently in progress and subject to change.

August through mid-September 2012

Plan Process Development
Identify groups
  • Develop Structure
  • Recruit Workgroup members
  • Set rules
Communication Strategy Outlined
Initial communications
  • Internal to employees (2)
  • External request for participation
Initial strategic plan static content design
  • Theme (optional)
  • Structure
  • Table of Contents
  • Layout format
Commission external review (situational analysis)
Complete Initial web site design
Invitation to staff to join Workgroups
Invitation to externals to join Workgroups
General communications to university
Development of divisional mission and values
Summary of process to President (Sep. 15- hard deadline)

End of September 2012

SVP's plan introduction to division
Preliminary objectives defined by steering Group
Plan web site goes live
Data to external reviewer prior to situational analysis

October - November 2012

Begin situational analysis conducted by Commtech Transformations, Inc.
Review situational analysis results
Introductory Workgroup meeting held
  • Schedule
  • Task overview
  • Rules
  • Expectations
  • Trainning
Workgroup meetings (begin mid-October)
  • Workgroup reviews and development starts
  • Preliminary mission/values, objectives, and internal and external review and other input provided to workgroups
  • Approves, modifies, or rejects preliminary objectives and creates new ones.
  • Develops strategies, metrics, etc.
Workgroup begins to pass Objectives/ Strategies/ Metrics Steering Group
  • Workgroup strategy development
  • Rationale
  • Measures for sucess
  • Tools
  • Frequency

December 2012 - April 2013

Process update to President - (December 12- hard deadline)
Finalize production of Initial Plan
Steering Group reviews mission/ values. Objectives/ Strategies/ Metrics from Workgroups
Mission/ values and objectives established in plan

May - August 2013

Steering Group develops objective themes
Workgroup reviews draft plan Objectives/ Strategies/ Metrics and goal themes
AF director/ manager goal reviews meetings
Objectives/ Strategies/ Metrics readied for placement in plan
Draft plan to AF employees in UEC (last week of June)
Plans with UEC edits to UAC and university community for comment - (first week of July)
Final draft executive plan submitted to President - (end of July)
Post plan website as complete - (August 2013)